The Need For A Time Tracker In Your Workplace}


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The Need For A Time Tracker In Your Workplace


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While traditional methods of timekeeping with pen and paper, including paper timesheets and attendance records, worked in the past, the world just moves too fast for that to work today. The modern technology, the time tracking software in this case, can make a big difference and it can save significant amount of time for your staff and you.

If you are still using those older methods of keeping track of time in your company, it tends to take quite a bit of time away from your employees to fill them out and turn them in. How many times have you, or your project managers, had to chase down employees who forgot to turn in their timesheets? What about when an employee is absent the day when timesheets are due and can’t turn in their sheet? You also need to consider the probability of any employee filling out an erroneous timesheet. Such problems happen, and they probably happen with worrying regularity if you still use these ancient timekeeping methods. Thankfully, modern technology can make things much easier for you.

With today’s time trackers, you are able to eliminate these problems and make payroll much easier. It also makes it easier to see exactly what employees do every day, so you can eliminate wasted time.

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How the Time Tracker Works?

While there are many time trackers on the market today, the basic gist of what they do is similar. They keep track of time, of course. The best solutions on the market will offer tools such as color-coded timelines so employees and managers can see where people spend time on different projects at a glance. It helps a manager to ensure that employees work on the right projects fast and easily, and without hovering over an employee’s shoulder.

The best of the options is web-based software so all employees will be able to access it anytime. Since it is online, they can use any computer to track their time.

Time Tracking to Find Waste

All companies, even those that feel they are greatly streamlined, may have some time wasted during a work day. It might be that some of employees spend too long at lunch or on Facebook while they should be working instead. Some companies use a time tracker and find that they hold far too many meetings. They might save time if they combine this many meetings into one weekly meeting only. If you are able to find wasted time, no matter how much or how little there is, you can eliminate it to make your company better.

A Time Tracker Collects Accurate Payroll Information

With an automatic time tracker, you’ll also be able to guarantee that your payroll data is always right. A time tracker can guarantee that you get accurate reports of time and attendance. It makes it easier to calculate things such as overtime, time off, breaks, sick leave, and so on. Just make sure you choose a good quality time tracker which is able to help you.

Reduce Fraud

While it is unfortunate, some employees may really try to defraud their employer and get more pay than they’re worth. It was easy to do with the old manual system because managers were not able to keep track of everyone’s hours. The employees could claim that they’d put in some overtime work with the rest of the crew when they didn’t. They also could claim they were at work on a day when they were actually absent. Such problems do occur, and in the past they were hard to detect and solve. When you have a time tracker at work in your office, it makes it much easier to reduce fraud, which will ultimately help your company to save a lot of money.

Improving Your Efficiency

You will see that the use of a time tracker improves general efficiency in your workspace. You will see what your employees do and what projects they work on, and they will not be able to manipulate the data and deceive their company. Knowing where the employees spend their time also lets you keep an eye on the different projects without annoying micromanaging. Companies that use CrocoTime time tracker find that it can help to increase their general productivity.

Companies may be surprised to discover that the time tracker also reduces their labor costs, costs of paper, administration costs, and more. It simplifies the time system at the workplace and streamlines it, making it easier for every employee.

Make sure that you are choosing the best

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for your company. Look for a solution that has many great features but that remains easy to use. To get your team on board with using the time tracker, it should be simple to integrate into their daily work, and it should be very easy to learn and use.

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