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By Marc Hardey

The model struts down the catwalk, flaunting the outfit she is wearing. Onlookers frantically scribble down information or type on their laptops as they quickly make an assessment of the clothing being paraded. In the meantime, the model walks towards the end of the runway where the designer clothing’s label is printed. She stops, strikes a pose, and then executes a well-rehearsed turn.

The dress the model is wearing is part of the new line of one of the hottest clothing designers in the country, and will be hitting specialty stores soon. It comes with a price tag that will make most people swoon. There’s no denying, however, that no matter how expensive the model’s clothes may be, someone will always want it. The rich will snap it off couture houses; the middle class will settle for similar-looking versions. It can’t be denied. Modern society has become obsessed with designer products, and the popularity of designer bar stools is only one of many examples.

Designer Dollars

From wristwatches to shoes and from luggage to clocks, it seems society cannot get enough of designer products. While a broad range of designer products exist on the market, designer fashions are the most lucrative and famous. To show this reality, consider that the U.S. government reported the average income of fashion designers for 2005 to be about $67,000. In 2000, the highest 10 percent of fashion designers’ earnings was over $100,000! You can be certain that many fashion designers spend hours perfecting their craft while seated on various designer bar stools.

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Counterfeit Caliber

While the public is certainly fascinated with designer clothes and designer products in general, what creates this interest? Why do many consumers often choose designer products over cheaper name brand and store brand products? One reason is that consumers often believe that name brand products have higher qualities than other products. However, when comparing the ingredients of many food products, for example, they are often basically the same for both store brand products and their equivalent name brand products.

Does this mean that you are always getting the same value when you buy knockoff products? Not at all. Recently, it was reported that almost 20 percent of China’s domestic products were unable to reach minimum quality control standards. Even more problematic is that made-in-China products are often sold in foreign markets to increase corporate profit margins. American companies such as Wal-Mart sell numerous made-in-China products on their shelves, while it has been estimated that China produces half of the European Union’s knockoff market! Besides food, counterfeit products compromise the quality of other types of products, such as designer bar stools.

Superb Stools

When shopping for bar stools, stick with original designer bar stools. These products are sold in a variety of styles that generally look more contemporary and sleeker than typical bar stools. Also, designer bar stools are made of the finest products, which is typically not the case with knockoff products. Thirdly, designers of designer bar stools have spent hours upon hours to create these original seats. Buying knockoff versions to save a few dollars is simply a slap in the face to creativity and good old-fashioned hard work.

The world of designer products continues to expand and improve. By choosing original designer bar stools, you are abetting the evolution of innovation and quality.

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